This website is meant for the re-categorization of the Pokedex. As many have observed, Pokémon is changing, and a lot of us don't think it is for the better. But, to be honest, even Generation 1 had some pretty stupid Pokémon too. So, one by one, we are going to go through the Pokedex, and decide which ones make the cut for the True Pokedex, and which ones don't.

     For the most part, we will simply be going through the list, but not always. For example, Pokémon does have the problem of having a lot of flying types whose evolution chains are just, to quote Honest Game Trailers, "A bird. A slightly bigger bird. A slightly bigger bird than that." So when we get to the first one of those, we will have a discussion about which of the simple bird Pokémon should be cut and which should not.
     Similar to the US Supreme Court, we will work with precedents. We will try to establish particular tests to decide if a Pokémon is good enough for the True Pokedex, and if you spot variances in how we do things, let us know. For example, if we were more lenient in the past and you feel that back then we would not have rejected a particular Pokémon, tell us, and we will reconsider.
     An important detail is who "we" are. We are the community. Sure, I'm the administrator of the blog, but if it is clear that the community has a particular opinion, I will put my own thoughts aside. Even if it means admitting Freaky Ribbons. (Sylveon.)
     Anyway, a new discussion will be opened when the last one has been concluded, and will have a closing date between one day and a week from the opening. (I'm pretty sure we don't need more than a day to decide if Pikachu is in.) The time can be extended if it becomes apparent that it is needed. However, at two weeks, a new conversation will start, whether the previous one is done or not. (This means that we will have two open at the same time, not that we will suddenly close one.)
     You can still comment on a discussion (which will take place in the comments of the blog posts) after it is closed, and it is possible for one to be reopened.

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