Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Deciding for 007 - Squirtle

After this line, we're on the Caterpie, who there might actually be discussion about.

Type: Water

Evolution: Wartortle

Pokedex color: Blue

Discussion will be closed November 4th, 2015, at midnight.

Squirtle was added to the True Pokedex.
There was only one opinion given, so if anyone would like to reopen discussion, comment.

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  1. Name: Good. I like the name Squirtle, it's cute.
    Appearance: Very good. He has those little marks I keep mentioning by the eyes, and his eyes themselves are a nice brown, a subtler color not often found in more modern Pokémon. His face is cute, with a nice smile, too. His tail is interesting: not what one would expect from a turtle. This is important: he is more than just a water turtle.