Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Deciding for 009 - Blastoise

After this we have Caterpie, the first Pokémon for whom there is really something to discuss.

Type: Water

Previous evolution: Wartortle

Pokedex color: Blue

This discussion will end on November 11, 2015, midnight.

Blastoise was added to the True Pokedex.


  1. Name: Good. Blastoise sounds really cool, I think.
    Appearance: Ineffectual. Honestly, I'm not particularly fond of Blastoise's appearance. He suddenly get as fat and bulky. While there are many awesome Pokémon of that build, I find it annoying when the rest of the line shows no indication that it's coming. Also, the cannons... just look dorky, in my opinion.
    However, I think he should stay, one, because of tradition, two, because of Wartortle, three, because of Squirtle.

  2. I miss the swirly wings on this previous evolvance. Yes i like the name but nothing else. Yes i think he should be kept but...his appearance really should have been something else.